Four-Legged Team Members


Julie’s Teddy Bear Malone

Hello! I’m Teddy. I used to belong to one of “our” clients, but when she decided to travel she gave me to my “mom”, Julie. At home I am only in charge of keeping the neighbor dogs on their side of the fence. I love all humans, so I let all of them come in my yard if I can give them a kiss.
At the office I am in charge of keeping everyone happy and making all my “co-workers” smile! As the official Morale Officer it is very important to always be cheerful and I’m very good at it!

pawprint1Debbie’s Little Buddy

Hi, my name is Buddy, it is my job to keep Miss Debbie on the right track. She is to give me a treat when she gets home, give me lots of puppy hugs and tell me about her exciting day at the office. This will keep her in a happy mood for all those tax returns.  I am also her motivational speaker (and alarm clock.)  I make sure she gets to the office and words hard to bring home my special treats.

pawprint2Cindy’s Lucy Beckrich

Hey! I’m little Lucy and I was a gift for my mom on Mother’s Day although, I am not sure if she thinks of me as a gift or a nuisance. My name is very fitting for me, just like the real “Lucy Ricardo,” because the only time I am not in trouble is when I am sleeping. My favorite thing to do is to try and beat up my big sister Betsy!

pawprint1Cindy’s Betsy Beckrich

Hi, I am Betsy Beckrich, but you can refer to me as Queen Betsy. My favorite thing to do, besides eat my wonderful breakfast, is to see how many people I can knock down by jumping on them each day! My little sister, Lucy, annoys me every chance she gets. My favorite person is my Mom!

pawprint2Kathryn’s Trooper Beckrich

Hello, my name is Spoiled Rotten, more commonly known as Trooper.  I follow my mom around all the time and steal my dad’s socks everyday when he gets home.  Mom says I’m too big, but I fit in her lap just fine!  I really love to give kisses – line up for my kissing booth and let me give you some sugars!  I’m just a baby, so I chew on whatever I can find, especially toes! Come play with me so I can taste yours!

Mindy’s Little Bit the Goat Henderson

Hi my name is Little Bit and I think I’m a human! While my mom doesn’t let me into the house I would be perfectly content to snuggle with you on the couch. I spend my time trying to keep up with the rest of mom’s big goats, climbing on everything I can, but probably shouldn’t, and tasting anything that comes near. Even though I’m somewhat of a pest, I am super cute and I love to visit with anyone who will listen!

pawprint2Maria’s Snowy Dominguez

Ms. Snow was the baby of the family until a tiny human came along. Now she gets extra loving from everyone and gets to sleep with her human brother, so that’s a decent tradeoff. Snowy is 3 years old and enjoys barking and stealing everyone’s socks, including the tiny humans.