Accounting Today for a Better Tomorrow?

cain-cpa-accounting-resources-fort-worthYou ask,  what does this really mean?

For most of our work in the preparation of financial statements and tax returns, we are looking over your shoulder at what has transpired in the past.  We cannot change what has already happened.  It is our role as CPA’s and Trusted Business Advisors to improve the future outcomes for our clients.  We can do this by accounting for past transactions on a timely basis, and gaining knowledge about our clients’ business processes and trends and continued communication regarding outlooks for the future.  This is how we can look over the bow to say “based on what has happened in the past, and the current position of your business in this economy, we should expect the following future results.  These are the recommended changes that will help your business to be in the best position going forward to take advantages of opportunities on the horizon.”  It is our goal to highlight future opportunities that improve your prospects for success.

Very few small or medium sized businesses are static.  Most are either growing or shrinking.  Very few business owners say that they want next year’s sales to be just what they were last year or this year.  Many owners are hopeful that sales will grow and some are doubtful that this year’s numbers will meet or exceed last year’s numbers.  My first question is what makes you so hopeful or so doubtful about your sales projections.  What has changed in your industry, your company or the economy that is having a direct impact on your sales?  Is there anything you can do to mitigate negative change or to enhance positive changes?  In looking at your businesses trends and looking into your operations from a more objective point of view, it is sometime easier to see relevant issues than it is when you are living in the moment of managing day to day problems.

Therefore it is our goal to provide the backward looking services such as financial statements and tax returns in such a way that allows us to help you look forward, and to strategically plan for future results as well. We want to work with small to medium sized businesses to help management diagnose circumstances and to strategize and structure the implementation of solutions.

We also have special expertise in helping new businesses get off to the right start with Quickbooks training and our Quickbooks “tune-up” or “check-up.” Online Quickbooks and logging in to your desktop Quickbooks offers an efficient way to keep everything on track during the year and avoid those year end surprises.